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D & G Models General Truck Information
D & G Models trucks greatly enhance the appearance and operation of both plastic and brass HO passenger car models. The dimensions of the D & G Models trucks are close to scale, based on truck blueprints and actual measurements. All trucks are fully sprung. We now offer two different springs, depending on car weight. The beryllium-copper springs are designed for weights up to about 12 ounces; this covers plastic cars and most brass models. The stainless steel springs are for articulated trucks and cars weighing over 12 ounces. Spring tolerances will cause some variation in spring compression for a given car weight.

D & G Models trucks are molded in black styrene plastic. Frames are single piece castings for strength and rigidity. D & G Models trucks have low friction nylon bearing inserts to provide better rollability and longer life. Wheel and axle assemblies are all metal, with one insulated wheel, to allow for electrical pick-up via wipers [not included]. D & G Models trucks are normally assembled with ‘110’ tread wheels, but the narrower ‘88’ tread wheels can be provided if requested at no additional charge. Our experience with the 88 vs 110 wheels is: the ‘88’ wheels are closer to scale for improved appearance. The ‘110’ wheels seem less likely to derail at turnouts and at dips in the outer rail on a curve. Whether these are issues for the individual modeler depends on the quality of trackwork where the D & G Models trucks are to be operated.


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