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D & G Models trucks: Ordering Information

Mail orders to: D & G Models, 1118 3rd St #405, Santa Monica CA 90403-5045, USA. When ordering, please specify '88' or '110' wheel treads. Also specify the number for each type of spring. Standard Be-Cu springs will be assumed unless HD[heavy duty] springs are specified for all or part of the order. Typically the HD springs are for cars weighing 10 oz or greater, and for the SP articulated chair car articulation trucks. The order form provides for specifying the spring type for each wheel tread. The '88' and '110' wheel designation refers to the width of the wheel tread [.088 and .110 in.]


All trucks except P61R - $14.95/pr. P61R trucks - $16.95/pr.

Sales Tax

As of 12/1/17, please add 10-1/4% Santa Monica sales tax for shipments to California addresses.


We've found it necessary to increase shipping costs within the USA: $5.50 per order plus $0.50 for each additional pair of trucks after the first. Free shipping on orders of 12 pair or more, any combination. Trucks may be shipped USPS or UPS. Please state when ordering if you have a preference. International shipping costs will be higher; please inquire before ordering. We often have a backlog, resulting in delays of 1-2 months. Orders are filled in the order received, and checks are not cashed until orders are ready to ship.


All payments to be in $ (US). Personal checks are accepted, as well as cashier checks and postal money orders. We are not able at this time to accept credit cards or paypal. Shipments may be held until checks clear. For credit card purchases, we work through local hobby shops. Please contact us for further information.



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