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D & G Models Pullman 43-R truck & 1938 SP/UP COLA/COSF truck

The D & G Models trucks displayed here were used under a number of luxurious Pullman built streamliners. Please note:P31J, P31R, P61R are stock numbers for ordering purposes and should not be confused with the railroad truck codes.

P31J - D & G Models Pullman truck with ASF bearings

The D & G Models "P31J" truck model is similar to the 43-R truck but with ASF roller bearings. These bearings resembled the plain journal bearings in appearance. They could be found on early ATSF Pullmans and also some CRI&P chair cars for the Rockets.

P31R - D & G Models Pullman 43-R truck

D & G Models "P31R" truck model represents the 43-R truck used on a number of famous deluxe streamliners including the following Pullman cars: 1938 ATSF Chief; 1938 NYC Twentieth Century Ltd and Southwest Ltd; PRR 1938 Broadway Ltd and Liberty Ltd; and ACLÂ’s Miamian. Distinguishing features are the roller bearing journals and the single brake cylinder mounted at the top center of each sideframe. Identical brake cylinders were mounted on each side of the 43-R truck, unlike later (41-R) trucks where one brake cylinder was a mirror image of the other.

P61R - D & G Models SP/UP 1938 COLA/COSF Truck

D & G Models "P61R" truck models the U-43-R-11 truck used throughout the SP/UP 1938 City of Los Angeles/City of San Francisco trains, with the exception of the sleeper and diner articulations and power car, which used six wheel trucks (not available from D & G Models). The model comes with white metal brake cylinder castings as standard equipment. Distinguishing features of this 4 wheel truck are: roller bearings and back-to-back brake cylinders mounted near the top-center of the sideframe. This truck differs in appearance from the "Challenger" truck produced by LFM.



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