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D & G Models Trucks: Order Form

New for October 2009: springs for different car weights. Plastic models and most of the brass models would use the Beryllium-Copper springs. The steel springs are for heavy cars and articulated trucks. Wheels are metal on metal axles.

Additional Information

Please contact us at dandg_models@yahoo.com for information about shipping to addresses outside the USA.

Use of Order Form

To use the order form, download it to your computer and print it out. Fill it in and return to us with payment to the address on the form. To download to a MAC: 1] hold down the mouse over the order form until the menu appears, and then click on 'download image to disk'; or 2] right-click the mouse, which brings up the same menu. On a PC, right-click the mouse over the order form and SAVE PAGE or SAVE PICTURE to a folder on your computer; then save. Thanks for visiting our site.



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