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D & G Models SP Daylight & Sunbeam Trucks

D & G Models offers three styles of SP four wheel triple bolster trucks. They cover the period 1937-1939; 1941; and the post-war modifications. Note the P11J, P21J, and P21R designations are D & G Models stock codes, not railroad truck codes. We now offer heavier springs for the articulated trucks, since they carry roughly half the weight of two cars.

P11J - 1937-'39 Daylight, Sunbeam

D & G Models "P11J" truck model represents the SP four wheel triple bolster trucks for the pre-war 1937-1939 Daylight, Sunbeam and pool chair car equipment. The four wheel trucks were used under all lightweight Daylight cars except under the triple unit diner articulations. The distinguishing feature of these trucks were plain bearings and no bolster anchors. This model represents the 4-TC-4, 4-TC-5, 4-TC-6 trucks and also the 4-TCA-1 and 4-TCA-2 for the articulated chair cars.

P21J - 1941 Daylight

D & G Models "P21J" truck model represents the 4-TC-7 and 4-TCA-3 trucks operated under all the 1941 Daylight cars with the exception of the triple unit diner articulations, which had six-wheel trucks (not available from D & G Models). The 4-TC-7 truck was also used at the non-articulated ends of the Lark triple unit diner. This truck is distinguished by plain bearings and bolster anchors.

P21R - SP post-war Daylight

D & G Models "P21R" truck model represents the SP Daylight trucks after WWII, when SP began an upgrade program in the late 1940s installing bolster anchors on the pre-war trucks and replacing the plain journals with roller bearings. The D & G Models roller bearing represents that manufactured by SKF.



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