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D & G Models Railroad Passenger trucks for SP Daylight, Pullman 43-R truck, COLA/COSF truck
Welcome to the website for D & G Models railroad passenger trucks for the SP Daylights, the Pullman 43-R truck, and the 1938 COLA/COSF truck. We make the best HO gauge four wheel triple bolster pre-war streamliner truck models available today. The trucks will greatly enhance the appearance of any model, and will enable your motive power to pull more cars with our low friction nylon bearings. The trucks have working springs for improved appearance and operation. Some of the famous Pullman-built streamliners rode on 4 wheel triple bolster trucks. Included are: SP’s Daylights and Sunbeam; ATSF 1938 Chief; NYC’s 1938 Twentieth Century Ltd and Southwest Ltd; PRR’s 1938 Broadway Ltd and Liberty Ltd; ACL’s Miamian; and the SP/UP 1938 COLA/COSF trains.

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